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JOINAUDIO is the first conference call service that provides a unique global telephone number to access audio conferences from anywhere in the world: no need to consult the list of access numbers (PoPs). If you want to access a conference call calling a normal phone number, you can choose among 3000 PoPs in the world. The conference call service supports VoIP connections and data sharing, it also provides innovative real-time management of reports and recordings.


JOINAUDIO is an innovative and unique conference call service, with no activation fees, which integrates traditional conference calling using the PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network) with VoIP (Voice over IP Networks). This means that you can join a call from a personal computer, a tablet or a smartphone using only an internet connection.

Telephone access is available in more than 40 countries worldwide with the possibility to activate up to 3000 extra PoPs or local in-country telephone numbers.

JOINAUDIO is the first conference call service to offer iNum, a single global telephone access number, which allows you to join a conference from anywhere in the world. With iNum you don't need to have a list of local in-country access numbers (or PoPs) at hand. In addition, by installing a softphone on your PC, tablet or smartphone, you can actually reduce your telephone charges to zero.

JOINAUDIO is not just audio conferencing: with just a few clicks our simple web user interface offers real-time management of call reports and recordings. With our free JOINAUDIO app you can make conferences simply from an iPhone or iPad.


  • Our conference call service can be purchased on a flat fee or pay-per-use basis

  • Conference call Access PoPs (local dial-in numbers) available in more than 40 different countries

  • Access to conference calls using iNum, a single global telephone number

  • Access to conference calls using UIFN (Universal International FreePhone Number)

  • Compatible with landline phones and standard SIP softphones, as well as smartphones and tablets

  • Conference call control via DTMF or Moderator web interface

  • Web chat integrated into Moderator web interface

  • Download recorded files in MP3 format

  • Simple, easy-to-use call flow: a PIN code for the moderator and a PIN code for participants

  • Permanent conference call room with 100 participants capacity, expandable on request

  • Dial out via DTMF, Moderator interface or by an operator

  • Operator assisted conference call rooms

  • Multilingual Operator assisted calls in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

  • No hardware or software to install on your company’s servers

  • Activation of new PoPs on demand with a selection of more than 3000 numbers

  • HD audio softphone integrated into Moderator web interface

  • Possibility to add a SIP trunk to company’s IP-PBX

  • High Definition audio quality, depending on the customer's telephone provider

  • Data sharing integrated into Moderator web interface

  • Conference recording via DTMF or Moderator web interface

  • Modify call flows using our easy-to-use customer portal

  • Create instant conference call rooms with temporary access codes

  • Detailed call reports divided based on cost centers, users and conference ID


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