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JOIN was born as WSCP, Worldwide Conferencing Service Provider, for professional audio, video, web, and streaming communication services. We have been providing a full range of conference services for 20 years: conference calls, web conferences, video conferencing, streaming, and webinars. Everything you need to make your meetings more productive.

Our conferencing services always offer the highest quality, are easy to use with any device, affordable, and accessible by means of an Internet connection.

In recent years we have added UC&C, Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions, and VoIP telephony services to these services: from international numbers provision to PBX and call center services in the cloud.

All this to improve and fully support corporate communication



JOIN services are offered by an experienced management team, with technical know-how acquired during multiple years of presence in the communications sector. Our experience in audio and video conferencing services is available to companies that want to address the challenges of the world market.


We are proud to partner with some of the major conference providers such as Vidyo (CSP Certified), Yealink (Certified Partner), Zoom (Official Referral), NTT (Certified Reseller), Cisco (Certified Partner), WEST (Official Reseller), 3CX (Official seller)

JOIN is registered in the ROC (Register of Telecommunications Operators) at AGCOM, registration number 35887 as an authorized operator in several countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, and the UK


Anyone can offer low prices. We take care of all your needs.

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