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A Virtual Event is an event organized in an artificial scenography.



In a VIRTUAL SET the speaker can be surrounded by LED walls and floor, which allow instant visual feedback with the surrounding environment. All this allows the speaker a more natural interaction with the space, being able to show what surrounds him

The same result can also be obtained on GREEN SCREEN with lower costs obviously, but to the detriment of the visual feedback of the speaker who does not have the opportunity to see the surrounding world.

No longer needing a real scenography, it is now possible to adapt the environments in a dynamic way according to the needs of the event.


But not only. The elements contained in the slides can now even be extrapolated and coexist just like real physical objects within the same space or the same scenography,


The potential of the system is truly innumerable, the changes of scenery allow you to range between the environments, allow you to play with the micro world and the macro world, inserting the speaker in a space with real proportions or within a totally out of scale world.

  It is possible to vary from one context to another, to go from a totally science fiction world to a natural environment.

The solutions and scenography changes can be truly multiple, adding dynamism and breaking the mold


And finally, it is also possible to insert people physically elsewhere in the scenography, from another studio, through a reproduction that simulates a 3D, as if the guest were physically present.

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